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How to make Shanghai Mooncake recipe

Ingredients for skin 280gm All purpose flour 50gm milk powder 25gm custard powder 1 1/2 tbsp baking powder 100gm icing sugar 100gm cold butter 50gm lard cold lard (turn white color after refrigerated overnight)  (How to make your own lard) […]

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How to make simple and healthy curry

To make a simple and healthy curry, you don’t need any belacan and santan and it taste just as good. Ingredients 1 table spoon of curry powder 1  and half tablespoon of milk powder 10-20 dried shrimp (Harmai in chinese) […]

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How to wrap Pillow Bak Chang

“Pillow Zongzi” or “Zhentouzong” or pillow-shaped Zongzi or pillow chung or pillow dumplings are all the same, it’s wrap using lotus leaves and bamboo leaves. Method of wrapping a pillow zongzi is very easy, it’s like wrapping a rectangular gift […]

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Hummus Recipe

Ingredients 500gm of chickpeas (soaked overnight) 2 cups of tahini (add more if you love sesame seeds) Extra Virgin olive oil 1 garlic 1 tsp cumin 1 tbsp of sea salt Juice from 2 squeezed lemon How to make Tahini […]

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Kaya recipe / Coconut Egg Jam

Produce around 1.15 kg of kaya Ingredients 2 coconut to make santan (coconut milk extracted without adding water–> pure & undiluted) (approximately 400 ml thick santan) (strain with coffee bag strainer) 400 gm sugar – white sugar (caster sugar) 9 eggs (size […]

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Kek Lapis Indonesia Recipe

Kek Lapis Indonesia or also known as Indonesia Layer Cake or lapis legit with multi layer of 14 layers if you use 6 inch cake pan (with removable bottom baking pan). Put a parchment paper at the bottom of your cake pan. Ingredients 12 […]

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Kuih Seri Muka Recipe

Kuih Serimuka – Glutinous Rice With Pandan Custard Layer Ingredients Glutinous Rice Layer 530 g Glutinous Rice, washed and soaked for 1 hour 224 ml Coconut Milk (coconut milk soak above 1inch rice level) 1 tsp Sea Salt 3 Pandan […]

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How to make lard

It’s very simple to make your own pig lard at home. 1kg of fatty pig meat will render 650gm of lard or pig oil Ingredients 1kg of pig fats (Fei chu yuk in cantonese) (Some said belly part has the […]