Banana Masoob Recipe

If you have lots of bananas turning black, what you can do is to make “Banana Masoob”or “Banana Masoub”. Banana Masoob is a very popular breakfast food for Middle Eastern countries. It’s so healthy you may want to consider your daily breakfast menu. Extremely easy to make your banana masoob at home, if you have a food and nuts blender, you can dry blend your pita bread.


  • 2 pieces of pita bread
  • 6 medium size bananas


  1. Tear your pita bread into smaller size and dry blend using nut blender machine
  2. Use a fork and mashed your bananas
  3. Mix the above together and eat with raisins, cashew nuts or honey.

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  1. i luv dis dish…hv had this during my childhood days in Saudi. thanks for the recipe. .also am in search for the mutabbaq recipe which v use to hv then both with the meat and the banana filling..

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