Bihun TomYum Recipe


500gm bihun /rice vermicelli
5 Big red onions (diced)
2.5 big garlic
2 slices of ginger.
3 serai/lemon grass (slice)
8 kaffir lime leaves / daun limau purut
4 tablespoon of belacan (toasted in wok first)
1 tbsp of taucu paste
30 small calamansi limes/ limau kasturi (squeeze and remove seeds)
4 stalks of daun kari/curry leaves
1/4 cabbage (cut into bite size)
8 cili padi (slices)
20 to 30 prawns (de-vein and remove prawn shell, keep prawn shell for to boil later)
5 red chillies (slices)
3 slice of daun kunyit (slices)
4 tbsp of tamarind juice (remove seeds)
2 slice of dried tamarind
1 packet of coconut milk
one handful of ikan bilis
Taufu Pok
1/4 gula melaka
Soy sauce and pepper
Salt and sugar to taste
Cooking Oil

To Blend
2 big red onions
1 big garlic
1 slice of ginger
40 slices of dried chillies (blend)
3 serai/lemon grass (slice)
2 slice of kaffir lime leave
1 slice of daun kunyit(slices)
2 cili padi

Additional ingredients for Fried Egg (Slice and put on top of bihun)
5 Eggs
Daun bawang / scallion / spring onion
Daun Ketumbar / coriander Leaves

1) Devein prawns and remove shell. Marinate prawn with salt,sugar, soy sauce and pepper.
2) Boil prawn shell with 1 rice bowl of water together with salt, sugar, soy sauce and pepper until it turns foamy. Retain this stock and pour this into your wok and cook together with tomyum and bihun.
3) Diced red onions, garlic, ginger
4) Slice red chilies, daun kunyit, cili padi, lemon grass
5) Blend the ingredients (To Blend)
6) Squeeze limau kasturi and remove seeds
7) Toast belacan using dry wok & remove from wok
8) Put oil and stir fry prawns & remove from wok
9) Put little oil and stir fry garlic, onion, ginger
10) And put everything into wok including coconut milk EXCEPT the bihun/rice vermicelli
11) Lastly when you get the right sourness for your tomyum paste,(If it’s not sour enough, put in more calamansi or tamarind juice – remember to sieve the tamarind juice!!) then switch off wok fire
12) Now, soaked your bihun to soften it – DO NOT OVERSOFTEN IT..
13) Then switch on wok fire and soaked your bihun into tomyam paste and stir fry carefully not to break the vermicelli, mix throughly. Put aside
14) Now, prepare clean wok with 2 tbsp – 3 tbsp of oil to fry your 5 eggs. Put aside
15) Slice spring onion, coriander leaves, cili padi and mix it together with soy sauce for dipping.

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