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Nasi Kunyit Recipe

Ingredients 2 cups of glutinous rice (portion for 4 adults) 1 piece of tamarind slice (dried) 4 piece of turmeric (kunyit)-remove skin and blend with coconut milk 1 + 1/4 coconut milk (Bought from supermarket, ready bags of squeezed coconut […]

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Ginger Chicken Chinese Style Recipe

No Photo for this because it’s soooooo delicious, we ate all and forgotten to snap pictures.. Ingredients A Chicken parts Chicken whole leg (2 pieces) (Cut into bite size) Chicken Fillet (2 pieces) (Cut into bite size) Chicken Drumstick (2 […]

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Crispy pork lard

I love to eat this chu yau char or fried cube pork. Ask pork seller to sell you pork and you can render chu yau char at home. It’s very easy to render pork oil and make this crispy pork […]

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Prawn Crackers

This is my 2nd attempt and it’s a success. SO HAPPY!!! Ingredients 500 gm deveined prawn (from 1kg prawns, buy the XXL prawns, bought this at OTK Supermarket, please don’t buy the white paper prawns, it’s salty and doesn’t have […]

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Kuih Kapit Recipe

Update: Latest Kuih Kapit Recipe, way much better! Mum kept saying, smells good!     (Photo: Below ingredient, more crispy and better texture and taste compare to Amy’s Recipe) Feb 02nd, 2013 Ingredients 220 gm caster sugar 130 gm rice […]