Chicken Rendang Recipe

Chicken Rendang Recipe creation by me for my husband’s farewell potluck. (40 head counts). Chicken It’s not enough for 40 head counts.. therefore next time if you have the budget, get 2-3 pieces of chicken for each person..

hubby farewell chicken rendang

Very important: Before you starts to do anything, wash your chicken and marinate overnight in fridge (lower compartment) with lots of ginger juice + soy sauce + pepper and starts to massage your chicken.


  • 5 cm x 5 cm belacan (preferably belacan from Malacca, coz it’s the best!) (Use wok and dry saute belacan till dry and aromatic)
  • Chicken parts (8 drumsticks, 4 wings, 2 ribs and i can’t remember how much parts though) (choose your favourite parts of course! rather than the whole chicken)
  • 1 chicken kiub
  • curry leaves (4-5 stalks)
  • pandan leaves (10 stalks)
  • 500ml coconut (and another 500ml for nasi lemak – i’ve used 5 coconuts to extract these much of coconut milk, used your hand to squeeze taste better than ready squeezed)
  • 3 asam keping
  • 2 small pack of kerisik (2 tablespoon of kerisik)
  • 2 big tablespoon of gula melaka
  • 4 daun kunyit (slice)
  • 6 daun limau purut (slice)
  • 4 spice friends (pelaga, kayu manis, cengkih, bunga lawang)
  • jintan putih
  • jintan manis
  • salt and sugar to taste
  • red chili powder

Blended ingredients (avoid blending with so much water because you need a thicker chilli blended paste, i use back coconut juice from the old coconut, this way it taste so much sweeter)

  • 15 – 20 red shallots
  • 2 big red onions
  • 10 small pieces of bawang putih (garlic)
  • 4 serai (smashed)
  • 1 inch kunyit hidup
  • 2 inch ginger
  • 2 inch lengkuas
  • 3 buah keras
  • 12-15 cili kering (blended / about 4 – 5 tbsp of chilies)


  1. saute 4 spices friends first with cooking oil, then add in serai, blended ingredients, red chili powder and blended cili kering till you see oil starts to come out
  2. Next, add in chicken parts, daun kunyit, daun limau purut
  3. Mix together till chicken cook
  4. Then add the rest of ingredients till sauce starts to thicken.

Nasi Lemak (Coconut milk rice) recipe

  • 5 cups of briyani rice (soaked for 2 hours) (1 cup serves 2 person, so you need to calculate your own)
  • 500 ml thick coconut milk
  • 1 tbsp of salt
  • 6-8 pandan leaves
  • 2 serai (smashed)
  • 3 slices of ginger
  • A bit of water


  1. Use rice cooker to cook nasi lemak
  2. Measure liquid till it reach your wrist line. (Lay your hand flat on the rice and bend your wrist)

At the end of the farewell party, it’s all finish up because it’s simply delicious and thick!. You can never buy this anywhere else.


To defrost meat at room temperate need at least 4 hours.

To make it more spicy, blend in red chilies, and cili padi

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