Chu kiok chou (trotters in sweet vinegar)

Tu Kha Lau Chor (Hokkien) or Chu Kiok Chou (Cantonese) is pig pork trotter braised in black vinegar and ginger. The taste is alternately sour and sweet and pungent and is an acquired taste. It’s a very delicious food among the Chinese. Seldom cook this, maybe once a year.

1 Gula Melaka

1 bottle of sweet vinegar (black colour)

6 Dried Chilli

8 table spoon of sugar + 3 table spoon of salt
(depends how much water you put into your pressure cooker)

1 shallots, smash it with a knife! one by one, skinned and smashed lightly

(If you use lesser pork and less water, 1 hour is enough)

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