Curry Chicken Rendang Recipe (Sour and sweet taste)


Ingredients A
4 pieces of chicken thigh with drumstick (I don’t eat the rest of the chicken, so i bought parts)
2 tbsp of meat curry powder (babas)
2 tsbp of fish curry powder (babas)
4 pieces of tamarind slices
2 packet of kerisik (roasted coconut paste)
A bunch of curry leaves
1 block of gula melaka (palm sugar block)
2 tbsp of sea salt
Dash of black pepper + white pepper
Soy sauce
1 tbsp of taucu /soya bean paste
1 packet of santan/coconut milk (bought this from supermarket)
5 potatoes (cut into bite size)

Add in belacan for more flavor (i’m avoiding this coz someone in the house is allergic to prawn)

Ingredients B
5 big red onions + 5 small red onions
3 bulb garlic
1 handful of dried chilies (If you prefer more spicy kick, add more dried chilies + red chilies + bird eye chilies)
2 slices of ginger
1 medium size galanggal / lengkuas (about size 10cm x 3cm)
3 pieces of lemon grass (serai) blend with coconut milk

1 big kayu manis
3 star anise
8 – 10 cloves/cengkih
5-6 pelaga

Normal Marinate chicken overnight with half bowl of soy sauce + black pepper + white pepper,

Ginger marinate: more ginger juice to marinate chicken, with added soy sauce, black pepper + white pepper + oyster sauce (Someone in the house allergy to seafood, so i used above normal marinate)

The next day…
Heat up wok with 3 tbsp of cooking oil / lard
Stir fry marinated chicken for less than 1 min, remove and put in Spices and cook until fragrant.
Next, put in blended Ingredients B, cook for a while.
Then, add in Chicken and ingredients A
Cook until chicken meat soften and potatoes soften under medium fire.

Tips: Eat with Nasi Kunyit