Delicious Dory Fish Peanut Porridge


1 cup of Brown Rice (soaked first)

Lots of Peanuts

Lots of slice ginger/halia (tumbuk with pestle & Mortar a little bit)

Soya sauce


Slices of celery

Water (not too much)

Marinate with salt with ”lots” of halia juice (ginger juice) and soya sauce + pepper

Using a wok, put a little bit of oil (wait till the oil is hot), then put in 5 small bawang merah (shallots) + 3 cloves bawang putih (garlic) (these 2 must be pounded with pestle and mortar) – stir fry for a while

Then add the marinated dory fish

Served with Lemon juice! and mayo if u have

Chung + Yin sai
Served with porridge when it’s ready to eat

Then add the marinated dory fish

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