Dragon Bearded Candy [Fail]

Dragon Bearded Candy or Cotton Candy is definitely not easy to make. Here’s the ingredients


  • Peanuts – dry toast in wok to remove skin and use pestle & mortar crushed it + add sugar + salt for taste
  • 2 packets of glutinous rice flour (dry toast in a wok) for 7 mins under low fire
  • 1kg coarse sugar
  • 500ml water
  • 100 gm maltose
  • 1 tsp lemon juice / white vinegar


  1. Boil 1kg of sugar with 500ml of water
  2. Add maltose and white vinegar (you can substitute with lemon juice)
  3. Do not stir (This is to prevent sugar from crystallization)
  4. Boil for 20 minutes – medium fire- you will notice bubbles on top.
  5. Boil another 10 more mins and turn off your fire let it settle for a while
  6. Now get ready your plastic gloss with cooking oil
  7. Pour about 1.5- 2 inch for each plastic
  8. When its harden at the stage when you can poke you finger into your harden sugar, thats the time you can take out and pull with glutinous rice flour.


  • I’ve failed 7 times while i tried to make Dragon Bearded Candy
  • 1st time – I use white rice wine and my sugar stays liquid form
  • 2nd time  – Use artificial vinegar (cuka) failed too – stays liquid form
  • 3rd time – 6th time – Didn’t use any vinegar – harden till i can’t poke my fingers into it
  • 7th time –  Google the internet and found out that i can use lemon juice to substitute white vinegar coz i don’t have white vinegar. I remember i still have syrup made from sugar + lemon juice (used this to make mooncake skin last time.  Success in texture. But fail in pulling technique – fail in pulling the candy!)
  • Pour sugar into plastic container.. this is bad for health

Harden sugar sticks to my banana leaves.. i wonder if you use plastic, will it sticks the same way too?!

Watch and see how they pull

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