Glutinous Red Rice Wine Recipe 2nd Version

For this 2nd version, i’ll use more ang kek bee (red yeast rice) that’s why you see it’s much more red in colour compare to my previous 1st version. This time i’m using 2kg because i’ll be making a bottle for my sister’s confinement, 2nd baby. 2kg glutinous rice is a lot!.. i had to steam twice, wait for it to cool down then steam another 1kg. Now, i’m out of big glass jar.. no choice but to use smaller glass jar.


  • 2kg glutinous rice
  • 1 bowl of blended ang kek bee (red yeast rice)
  • 2 big pieces jiu piah (wine cake) and 2 smaller version of jiu piah
  • 1 big glass or clay container or glass container with cover

Same as my 1st Version of Glutinous Red Rice Wine

Update: After 30 days alcohol level is “high”, exact 20 days it’s sweeter

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