Herbal Egg

herbal egg
Herbal Egg orĀ Cha Yip Tan TASTE so GOOD after several times of slow cooking.

The more you cook the more aromatic your herbal egg smell. Continue to cooked for 2nd portion it’s even more aromatic!!!

I’m using 2 packets of herbal egg pack with additional purchase of Dang gui and other herbs recommended by the boss from herbs store.

First batch i make 15 eggs, 2nd time i use 9 eggs. 2nd time taste much much better. After making first batch of 15 nos of eggs, water level decrease, so i added more water with below spices.

2 cinnamon stick
3 star anise
1 small pieces of dried tangerine/orange peel
5 cloves
8 peppercorns
Soya sauce to taste, 4 tbsp of sugar

How to prepare and cook herbal egg

1) First boil eggs into hard boiled egg

2) Tap gently using back of spoon to form cracks all over egg, the more tiny cracks form the more herbs will absorb into egg

3) Put all herbs and eggs into slow cooker, turn to “High” and cook for 2 hours, After that, turn to “Slow” cook for 4-5 hours and get ready to eat.


If you cannot finish your first batch of eggs, simply turn off your slow cooker and leave your eggs inside. It won’t turn bad don’t worry. The next morning, turn on “high” when you want to eat.

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