Homemade Mohallabia

It’s very easy to make your own Mohallabia, you can even purchase a big packet of prepack sachets with Mohallabia powder. All you need to get ready is a big packet of milk. For each sachets you will need 8 cups of milk.

Boil mohallabia powder (1 packet) with 8 cups of milk.
Stir over medium fire until “mature”.

Mature here means stir until thick with lots of bubbles! I’m not sure how long, but u’ll know when you stop stirring, bubbles will starts to foam and it’s ready to pour into 4 bowls.

When it starts to form a solid layer on top, you can even top with your favourite toppings such as walnuts, pistachio, cashew nuts or sprinkle with cocoa powder (use a siever to sprinkle cocoa powder onto your mohallabia dessert!)

After that, keep inside fridge, when it’s cold, it’s ready to eat.

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