Homemade Tofu Recipe

On my previous blog i’ve blog about winning Jusco Voucher worth RM100, me and my husband head over to Midvalley to purchase our grocery and certain food we don’t normally buy such as Japanese Miso paste.  Since this miso paste will need a combination of tofu so i thought of making my own homemade tofu instead of buying from outside. It’s been so long since we stop buying tofu because we suspect it’s made from gympsum powder, plasterboard recycled and turned into gypsum powder so that manufacturers can use to make new boards.

Here’s how i made my own homemade tofu with 1 lemon.

Definitely taste 100% better than purchase outside.


  •  300gm soy beans (Organic)
  • 1 lemon
  • 900ml water


  1. Soaked soy bean overnight
  2. Remove water the next day
  3. Blend soy bean with an inch of water covering soy beans (Blending 1st round)
  4. Add little bit of water to blend on 2nd round
  5. Sieve using a muslin cloths
  6. Keep the remainings Okara (I’m sun drying my okara, will think of how i want to use it later.
  7. Boil soy milk in a pot for 15 mins. Let it cool for a while 1 mins.
  8. Skim and remove bubbles on the top.
  9. Cut lemon into half and use a fork to squeeze lemon juice into a bowl and sieve it.
  10. Place lemon juice into a stainless steel pot and pour soy milk. Stir only once and let it sit for 5 mins (I let it sit for 10 mins). ** Do not move it or it won’t curdle
  11. After it curdle, pour into a muslin cloths and wrap into a squarish shape. Use a heavy object and leave it for 35 minutes.
  12. Finally, after 35 minutes, removed your muslin cloth and cut tofu into square cubes.

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