How to make durian jam

Making durian jam is very simple. First you need to buy durian. Where to buy durian.. You can buy at pasar malam or night market near your house. Ask the durian seller to open durian for you because it’s very hard to open unless you have know how. Cinnamon act as preservative, therefore you can use cinnamon for all your jam making. Other than that, it is very good in treating diabetes.

The ingredients are:

  • Durian
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • Pandan juice (adjust to your own needs)


Use a spoon to extract durian meat from the seed

Using low heat, mix durian meat with cinnamon stick or cinnamon powder


Keep stirring on low heat


Next, add in pandan juice, extract juice using a blender



Keep stiring


Boil some hot water in another pot use to sterilize bottle jam for a while before putting in the durian jam and after.

Counting 1-10, on low fire and take it out quickly!

Lastly, pour into a glass container

Now, you can enjoy your durian jam with bread or biscuits crackers.

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