How to make lard

It’s very simple to make your own pig lard at home.

1kg of fatty pig meat will render 650gm of lard or pig oil


1kg of pig fats (Fei chu yuk in cantonese) (Some said belly part has the most fats while other said thigh area). Request the pork seller to remove the skin for you.


Wash your pork.

Rinse a few times, and cut into slices.

After cutting into slices, now you have to cut into small cubes. It’s easier to render your lard or pig oil when it’s size is smaller.

Place all your fatty pork into a wok. Low fire.

There is no need to add cooking oil or water into wok.

Leave your fatty pork cook for 1 hour or more till crispy pork start to float above oil. No need to stir it.. once or twice stir bottom to remove pork sticking to bottom. Then leave it to cook on its own.

After it’s done, remove your crispy pork and let it cool for a while in a plate.

Sieve your oil or lard. Remaining lard can be kept in refrigerator (freezer) for future use.

Sprinkle some salt for better taste. You can keep this crispy pork in refrigerator and use it for noodles or other cooking. You can also enjoy your snack crispy fatty pork.

Update: 2013: Parts of pork to render lard

Chat Yau (Fats around internal organs) – cantonese called “Chat Yau” – This part of fats cannot make fried cube pork (chu yau char), but it’s much much cheaper in price compare to the above photos (fatty pork)

Warning: Chat yau is dirty, because it’s fat around internal organ, suggest you use the area where you can make into chu yau char.