How to make simple and healthy curry

To make a simple and healthy curry, you don’t need any belacan and santan and it taste just as good.


  • 1 table spoon of curry powder
  • 1  and half tablespoon of milk powder
  • 10-20 dried shrimp (Harmai in chinese)
  • 1/2 tsp of sugar
  • Little bit of salt
  • (Mix all the ingredients into a bowl of hot water and stir)


  1. Pour some oil into the wok/ pan, add cut ginger, red onions, garlic, slices red chilies and add curry mixture.
  2. Lastly, Pour curry into  green vegetables +slice carrots (a must have).
  3. Cover the wok a while and let it cook for a few minutes and serve it while it’s hot.
  4. Happy trying!

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