How to wrap Pillow Bak Chang

“Pillow Zongzi” or “Zhentouzong” or pillow-shaped Zongzi or pillow chung or pillow dumplings are all the same, it’s wrap using lotus leaves and bamboo leaves.

Method of wrapping a pillow zongzi is very easy, it’s like wrapping a rectangular gift box.

Take a look at how i wrap my pillow chung

  1. Place a big lotus leaf on the table
  2. Use 4 bamboo leaves lay the position as below
  3. Put glutinous rice first, then add all your ingredients or fillings above
  4. After you place all your ingredients above your glutinous rice.
  5. Don’t forget to cover above with some glutinous rice
  6. Then start to wrap.
  7. You will need 2 person to wrap this pillow bak chang
  8. Wrap both sides (left and right) side first, then put 2 more bamboo leaves on top to cover top area, afterwards proceed to fold top and bottom of the bamboo leaves. (** Cut sharp pointy stem from the bamboo leaves with a scissors for easy wrapping)
  9. Afterward, wrap left and right side of lotus leaf, then proceed to fold top and bottom of the lotus leaves.

Easy right? Just like wrapping a gift box.

How to tie a pillow bak chang

Dad taught me a very easy way to tie the pillow chung using lesser cotton string.

  1. Divide string into 5 parts
  2. Tie each one separately.
  3. You need to tie it tightly, 2 person is needed here.
  4. Cooking time: 2 hours using pressure cooker (Add salt into water for better taste)

It’s the biggest Bak Chang i’ve ever eaten! Yummilicious

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