Kajang satay peanut sauce recipe

satay peanut sauce recipe

Taste like kajang satay peanut sauce. Kuah satay resepi or Peanut sauce satay recipe without coconut milk doesn’t taste good, that’s why it’s important to put coconut milk or santan into this satay sauce to obtain delicious satay sauce!.

It’s easy to cook at home when you feel like eating Ketupat rice with satay sauce without satay meat.

1kg peanuts (Bake using oven on low temperature constantly turn peanuts to bake thoroughly every 3 min or so till slightly crunchy and brownish white) then use your hand to crush to remove peanut skin when they are still moderately hot. Use a siever to remove unwanted skins. It’s faster this way! After that, you can either blend half the portion into smaller size, and another half by using pestle and mortar to obtain bigger sized crushed peanuts.

Update: Tips: Constant dry toast peanut with wok under medium to low fire it’s even easier to remove skin, compare to oven bake.

40gm asam jawa juice
1 tsp of salt
1 tsp of sugar
1 tsp of turmeric powder
4 tbsp of cooking oil
1 gula melaka (Huge big ones) Yup, the whole gula melaka!!.. You can purchase this in Supermarket. Cut it smaller size so that it can easily melt into your paste.

To Blend
2 candle nuts (Buah Keras in Malay) crushed it
1 tbsp of coriander seeds (Ketumbar biji)
1 tsp of jintan putih (white cumin)
1 tsp of jintan manis (sweet cumin)
4 slice of of lengkuas / galangal (You MUST use galangal can’t substitute with ginger)
4 slices of young ginger
7 bulb red big onions (Bawang Besar) Yes, more red BIG onions !!!
5 cloves of garlic (Bawang Putih) Not bulb but “cloves”, 1 bulb of garlic contains several cloves
7 batang serai – Yup, it needs this much, slice the bottom part
20 gm dried shrimp (udang kering)
20 biji cili kering (soaked first to soften)
500 ml coconut milk (i bought this from supermarket OTK) + 250ml santan (for better taste!)
2 inches of belacan

(Add water to make it watery *if* you like it more watery)

Heat up wok, pour 4 tbsp of cooking oil, make sure it’s hot
Put all blended ingredients and asam jawa juice, salt, sugar, turmeric powder, gula melaka into your wok and cook till gula melaka melted.
Put peanuts and cook thogoughly.
If it’s a bit dry, pour water till you have your desire paste.
You can purchase “Nona Brand” ketupat, just put 2 packets of ketupat rice into a pot of boiling water and it will increase to 4x size serves 4 people.

Ketupat nona pack

how to cook ketupat prepack
Cut some cucumber (timun )and onions to eat together with this kuah satay sauce.

Note: Left over satay sauce can be kept into fridge and steam back next day, same goes to your ketupat rice.

Experiment done by dividing kuah satay to 3 portion

1st experiment: Without Santan
Result: Taste 3/5

2nd experiment: Added more young ginger and blue ginger (galangal)
Result: Taste 2/5

3rd experiment: Added santan
Result: Taste 5/5

Conclusion: Satay sauce with added santan score the highest based on my taste bud! 😛

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  1. Do you know know what makes kajang satay sauce so silky vs the Indonesian and Thai version? The depth of flavor is deeper. I suspect but do not know if it is the inclusion of sweet soy sauce and replacing some or all of the coconut milk with condensed milk. When I have been in Malaysia most good satay sellers in KL are very cagey with the recipes.

    Do you have a great recipe?

    1. They blended peanuts until so fine that’s why you can see it’s silky. As for the depth flavor, i don’t know the greatest recipe, you can try adding ginger, sweet soy sauce, coconut milk, condensed milk to trial out. And don’t forget to buy the peanut sauce u love and at the same time taste your own homemade, then you’ll be able to compare it.

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