Kansui Dumpling or Alkaline Dumpling recipe

I’ve been thinking what should i do with my leftover 500gm glutinous rice and some bamboo leaves in my cupboard. I don’t really fancy Kansui dumpling but my parents always buy this during Dragon Boat Festival. So, i thought maybe today i’ll make alkaline dumpling for dinner.


Rince 500gm glutinous rice until water clears then (soaked with water at least 30 minutes)
Add 3 tsp of alkaline water (air abu soda) together with glutinous rice and water (soaked for 30 mins)


  1. Drain soaked water
  2. Wrap glutinous rice with 1 piece of bamboo leaves about 2-3 tbsp of rice
  3. Tie with string
  4. Add 2 tsp of alkaline water and boil with pressure cooker for 45 minutes (I’ve added 3 pieces of dried tangerine mandarin orange + 6 pandan leaves – slit middle and tied a knot for flavouring)
  5. Remove from water and enjoy alkaline dumpling with gula melaka or palm sugar syrup.