Kaya recipe / Coconut Egg Jam

Produce around 1.15 kg of kaya


  • 2 coconut to make santan (coconut milk extracted without adding water–> pure & undiluted) (approximately 400 ml thick santan) (strain with coffee bag strainer)
  • 400 gm sugar – white sugar (caster sugar)
  • 9 eggs (size Big) – * if medium eggs use 10
  • 1 or 3 pandan leaves (tear middle leaves lightly & tie into a knot for aroma)


  1. Squeeze santan out (like you’re strangling someone you hate)
  2. Beat eggs at medium speed (after that strain into sugar) (Beat for 15 seconds)
  3. Add egg to sugar and beat full speed (1 minute)
  4. Add santan & beat full speed mix thoroughly (10 seconds)
  5. When sugar dissolved
  6. Pour to double boiling pot, cook over slow fire (with constantly stir!!!) (Stir for 35 mins  to 1 hour ) till kaya thicken
  7. When eggy white color turn reddish brown / greenish (if you put more pandan leaves), leave aside cool
  8. Bottle and refrigerate

Very Important Tips

  • If heat is too high, skin of egg will form on the bottom of pan – therefore do not turn heat too high
  • If not using pandan, your coconut jam will turn reddish brown in color due to caramalization of sugar
  • If kaya lumpy, what you can do is blend it into blender and it will be smooth (remember to remove your pandan leaves first)
  • Kaya can keep up to 2 months into fridge (according to other people, but i haven’t tried before so can’t give you an actual answer for this) * Best to eat it within 1 month, if you see mold forming on top then throw away.
  • You can extract pandan juice if you want make it more green (Haven’t try before, but i think it needs about 14 pandan leaves to make it really green).
  • Kaya if cooked in slow cooker will be very lumpy, require 3 hours of cooking in slow cooker
  • Must use a double boiler in order to get a smooth kaya
  • Make sure all utensil is free from “water” coz if got water, your eggs will turn lumpy. everything must be DRY!!
  • Always use fresh grated coconut and not those from supermarket – then only your kaya will taste nicer and can keep longer
  • How much water for your lower double boiler, water should be lightly touching your above pot. Not too much.
  • Eggs must be fresh – fresh eggs when you break you will see ROUND yellow yolk.

Success rate is 100% if you follow ingredients and tips exactly as above.

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