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Peanut Cookies coated with Hersley chocolate

I’m using my peanut cookies recipe and coat it with Hersley Chocolate (melt Hersley chocolate and mix with coconut oil). After coated with Hersley chocolate, immediately store into freezer. Enjoy your nutty chocolate tomorrow, it’s the best peanut cookies chocolate […]

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Crispy pork lard

I love to eat this chu yau char or fried cube pork. Ask pork seller to sell you pork and you can render chu yau char at home. It’s very easy to render pork oil and make this crispy pork […]

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Prawn Crackers

This is my 2nd attempt and it’s a success. SO HAPPY!!! Ingredients 500 gm deveined prawn (from 1kg prawns, buy the XXL prawns, bought this at OTK Supermarket, please don’t buy the white paper prawns, it’s salty and doesn’t have […]

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Paruppu Podi Recipe

Ingredients Toor Dhal (1 cup) Fried Gram (Pottukadalai/Chana Dhal) (1 cup) Garlic (2 whole bulb) (50-70 gm) Smashed and cut into small pieces Cumin Seeds/ Jintan Putih (1 tsp) Dry Red Chillies 15 no (i prefer more spicy) 1/4 tsp […]

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Curry Chicken Recipe

(Enough for 4 person and to keep for next day) Ingredients A Chicken (I chose 8 chicken drumsticks, 2 ribs, 2 wings) 2 serai (lemon grass) (smash) Additional 2 cups of grated coconut to put into curry for better texture […]

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How to make tempoyak recipe

Scrap durian meat from seeds using a spoon. Use forks and mash durian meat. Measure your durian meat and add salt with ratio 1 cup of durian meat to 1 teaspoon of salt (i’m using sea salt). Correction to my […]

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Kuah Lodeh Lontong Recipe

Ingredients 1/4 chinese cabbage (cut bite size) 3 long beans (cut 3 inches) 1/2 brinjal (slice bite size) 3 potatoes (cut bite size) 1 carrot (bite size) 1/4 sengkuang (cut long) 3 pieces of dried chilies (cili kering) (slice half) […]

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