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Kajang satay peanut sauce recipe

Taste like kajang satay peanut sauce. Kuah satay resepi or Peanut sauce satay recipe without coconut milk doesn’t taste good, that’s why it’s important to put coconut milk or santan into this satay sauce to obtain delicious satay sauce!. It’s […]

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Bihun TomYum Recipe

Ingredients 500gm bihun /rice vermicelli 5 Big red onions (diced) 2.5 big garlic 2 slices of ginger. 3 serai/lemon grass (slice) 8 kaffir lime leaves / daun limau purut 4 tablespoon of belacan (toasted in wok first) 1 tbsp of […]

Malay, Noodle, Sambal
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Chicken Rendang Recipe

Chicken Rendang Recipe creation by me for my husband’s farewell potluck. (40 head counts). Chicken It’s not enough for 40 head counts.. therefore next time if you have the budget, get 2-3 pieces of chicken for each person.. Very important: […]

Malay, Rice
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Herbal Egg

Herbal Egg or Cha Yip Tan TASTE so GOOD after several times of slow cooking. The more you cook the more aromatic your herbal egg smell. Continue to cooked for 2nd portion it’s even more aromatic!!! I’m using 2 packets of […]

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Siew Yoke

For Siew Yoke recipe, i follow Wendyinkk’s recipe To prevent oil from sticking to my tray, i use aluminium foil underneath. It’s easier to clean as well. Just throw after finish. Easy! To poke use an awl tool easier. Next […]

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Fried Crab Stick Recipe

It’s very easy to fry crab stick. Basically you can buy any brand of crab stick available in supermarket. My sister said only KAMI BRAND can be fried and not other brands. But i tried JITRAMAS and i got the […]

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Kuih Kapit Recipe

Update: Latest Kuih Kapit Recipe, way much better! Mum kept saying, smells good!     (Photo: Below ingredient, more crispy and better texture and taste compare to Amy’s Recipe) Feb 02nd, 2013 Ingredients 220 gm caster sugar 130 gm rice […]