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Homemade Miso Soup

It’s very easy to make your own miso soup. Ingredients Miso Paste Tofu 4×3 inch of Kombu Seaweed Method Boil 2 bowl of water with kombu till water boil Remove from heat, add 2 tbsp or half bowl of miso […]

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Homemade Mohallabia

It’s very easy to make your own Mohallabia, you can even purchase a big packet of prepack sachets with Mohallabia powder. All you need to get ready is a big packet of milk. For each sachets you will need 8 […]

Dessert, Middle Eastern
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Homemade Tofu Recipe

On my previous blog i’ve blog about winning Jusco Voucher worth RM100, me and my husband head over to Midvalley to purchase our grocery and certain food we don’t normally buy such as Japanese Miso paste.  Since this miso paste will need […]

Soy Bean
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How to make durian jam

Making durian jam is very simple. First you need to buy durian. Where to buy durian.. You can buy at pasar malam or night market near your house. Ask the durian seller to open durian for you because it’s very […]

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How to make Kimchi recipe

It’s easy to homemade your own kimchi when you have the correct korean ingredients such as fish sauce and hot pepper flakes or gochu garu in korean language. Buying korean products in supermarket is not easy because it’s all written […]

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How to make Kimchi Sushi

Fusion of food is how i described Kimchi from korean cuisine and Sushi from Japanese cuisine combined and there you have “Kimchi Sushi Roll”. Hubby thought it would be great idea to fusion up my sushi roll since i’ve make some kimchi and […]

Japanese, Korean
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How to make lotus mooncake paste recipe

This year i’m going to try making lotus seed paste using lard or fatty pig oil. 100% render from pig fats. Ingredients 1kg of lotus seeds (Lin Chi in cantonese) (Choose those without middle part, half splits – middle part […]

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How to make Shanghai Mooncake recipe

Ingredients for skin 280gm All purpose flour 50gm milk powder 25gm custard powder 1 1/2 tbsp baking powder 100gm icing sugar 100gm cold butter 50gm lard cold lard (turn white color after refrigerated overnight)  (How to make your own lard) […]

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How to make simple and healthy curry

To make a simple and healthy curry, you don’t need any belacan and santan and it taste just as good. Ingredients 1 table spoon of curry powder 1  and half tablespoon of milk powder 10-20 dried shrimp (Harmai in chinese) […]