Rosamundwo’s secret dry curry paste

My very own secret recipe. Most delicious sambal in Malaysia!


To blend

Handful of cili kering (dried chili) (blend)
8 shallots (blend)
4 cloves of garlic (blend)
Half of round belacan – 5cm x 8cm (half blend) and (half dry cook in wok)
1/4 tsp sea salt (blend)
Dried shrimp (12 numbers) – (blend)
Ikan Bilis (12 numbers) – (blend)
Coconut milk 1/2 coconut liquid (Add water if it’s too thick when you blend) (I blend all these ingredients using coconut milk only..
2 slices of ginger (blend)

3/4 cup of peanut with skin (blend with mill blender)
2 tbsp of asam juice


0) Boil dried chilies into a pot of water until it’s soften, then cut into smaller pieces using a scissors for easier blend
1) Dry cook half belacan in wok
2) Pour blended ingredients into wok and mix together
3) Put in blended peanuts with asam juice.

## It’s the most delicious dry curry paste i’ve ever tasted. This will be my sambal for nasi lemak

Will i use this sambal recipe for my next nasi lemak dish? 

Absolutely, this is the BEST sambal!. I don’t need to use cooking oil and it taste so original

I even keep this into my fridge for less than one week as i make quite a lot. After we finish our nasi lemak, we  eat this sambal with plain rice. Yummy!!!!!, its’ sooooo yummy

Cooking nasi lemak is even easier – 2 cups of basmathi rice (soaked first for 2 hours for easier steam) + 1 pack of coconut milk (bought this from supermarket) + bruise 2 serai (use the bottom part only), 6 pandan leaves (tear middle part), 1/2 tsp of sea salt, 2 slices of ginger – Steam all these until cooked, add water if it’s not cooked enough.

To make peanuts for your nasi lemak, simply baked your peanuts with skin in the oven till you can smell peanut aroma. do not overcooked or it’ll turn overly brown from over baked. Always switch your temperature to the lowest and keep an eye on your peanuts. (Baked peanut taste even better than deep fry in oil). If you don’t believe it, try and see.

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