Soya Bean Milk Recipe

Soya Bean Milk or Soy Bean Milk recipe is very easy. Homemade organic soy bean milk taste totally different from bought ones because it’s undiluted and without sugar added. Once you tried homemade organic soy bean milk you wouldn’t want to buy from outside anymore.

Here’s the ingredients

  • 500gm soy bean (Organic soy bean taste much better)
  • 1500ml plain water


  • Soaked soy bean overnight (water level 3-4 inch above beans,  remove water the next day)
  • 1500ml water (to blend with soy bean).
  • Place soy beans into blender and pour 1 inch water above beans and blend till smooth.
  • Use a muslin cloth to filter pulp okara and squeeze out soy bean milk
  • Boil soy bean milk and scoop out bubbles forming above.
  • Served and enjoy soy bean milk with slices of banana or rice.
  • Put in 3 pandan leaves to boil together if you have any for more fragrant taste (if you have any)

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