Sukun Cake Recipe or Breadfruit Cake Recipe

I’m using my previous banana cake recipe to bake this Sukun cake recipe or Breadfruit cake recipe or in Malay – Kek Buah Sukun resipi. This time, i’m replacing vegetable oil with pure olive oil. Don’t worry about the texture or taste, coz I don’t find any difference in taste after i substitute vege oil with olive oil, the only difference is the cake is much more softer and more moist.

Choose pure olive oil or olive oil instead of Extra Virgin olive oil, this is because EVOO taste is too thick for baking.


250 gm All purpose flour

1 tsp bicarbonate soda

1/2 tsp salt

150 gm caster sugar

5 eggs

125 gm butter

100 gm pure olive oil

1 bowl of sukun flesh (breadfruit flesh) (mashed)

1 tsp vanilla essence


Beat butter and sugar in a mixer

Mix in eggs (one by one) and vanilla essence and beat thoroughly

Use a clean bowl, mix in flour, soda bicarbonate, salt, mix well then add cooking oil

Mash sukun using a fork, then pour into mixer

Finally, pour in dry mixture of flour into mixer.

Cook for 55 mins on 175 celcius (mid level) . Check to see if its cooked using a toothpick. If it sticks to toothpick then you’ll need to bake a little bit longer.

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