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Masala tea recipe

Ingredientorgenics s: 3 tablespoons loose-leaf Assam or Ceylon tea 20 green cardamon pods 3 cinnamon sticks 4 whole pieces of star anise 1 tablespoon fresh ginger, peeled and sliced thin 10 black peppercorns 4 cups water 4 cups milk Directions: Bring […]

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Oreo No Bake Cheese Cake Recipe

1) Bottom Layer McVitie’s Digestives Cookies 2 tbsp of sugar (30gm) 6 tbsp of butter (salted) (85gm) Method: Use plastic bag and make digestive cookies into crumbs Mix in sugar and butter Use a flat utensil to flatten digestive cookies […]

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Nyonya kaya recipe

Nyonya kaya recipe or nyonya coconut and egg jam. Why Nyonya?, I think it’s Melaka style of making coconut jam using gula melaka or palm sugar. This is my own nyonya kaya using ingredients i know will taste superb. My […]

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Nasi Kunyit Recipe

Ingredients 2 cups of glutinous rice (portion for 4 adults) 1 piece of tamarind slice (dried) 4 piece of turmeric (kunyit)-remove skin and blend with coconut milk 1 + 1/4 coconut milk (Bought from supermarket, ready bags of squeezed coconut […]

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Ginger Chicken Chinese Style Recipe

No Photo for this because it’s soooooo delicious, we ate all and forgotten to snap pictures.. Ingredients A Chicken parts Chicken whole leg (2 pieces) (Cut into bite size) Chicken Fillet (2 pieces) (Cut into bite size) Chicken Drumstick (2 […]

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